There have been five compilation albums of Helix's music released. Over 60 Minutes With Helix (1989) and Deep Cuts (1999) which were "best of" collections, The Early Years (1991) which contained their first two independent albums, Never Trust Anyone Over 30 (2004) released by Brian Vollmer for the Helix 30th Anniversary and Rockin' You For Over 30 Years (2004) released by Capitol/E.M.I. in celebration of the bands 30th anniversary.

Helix's music has also appeared on a numerous other compilation albums with other artists.

First Born
Teri Garr, Peter Weller
Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'

Iron Eagle (Movie)
Lou Gosset Jr.
It's Too Late*
*This is an entirely different song from the one released on the White Lace & Black Leather album.

The 80's Show (Television)
No Rest For The Wicked

Chicks With Sticks (Movie)
Jason Priestley
Jaws Of The Tiger

Live At The Marquee

In 1984 Helix released Live At The Marquee exclusively to radio. The album has never been made available for public purchase. Helix fans had to wait until the 1998 release Half Alive to get their first "live" recording of the band.

Cherry St. - Buster Cherry
In 1999 Helix Lead Vocalist Brian Vollmer was recruited by Perris Records to appear as a guest lead vocalist on some tracks for Cherry Streets Buster Cherry album.
Helix has also released a number of "special" recordings such as Picture Discs. The majority of these releases were sold in the European markets only. These extremely rare releases have become very high valued collectors items.