Cindy Wiechmann

Cindy was hatched in Brookfield Newfoundland and always loved to sing and dance even back when the jukebox was cool. Her first rock band was 'Vogue' in 1979 followed by 'Babe' in 1982. Cindy worked as a session singer for CBC, recording vocals for CBC TV shows. She performed in 1983 on such shows as 'Skipper & Company' and also performed with the rock band 'KAOS' on 'The Fame Game'.

KAOS proved to be one of Newfoundland’s influential rock bands of their time. The band was formed in St. John’s Newfoundland in 1983 and rocked not only the island but also the whole of Canada. With the independent release of 'Total Kaos' the band proved they could stand on their own and showed, with great determination, that you can succeed as an independent act. Ironically, this determination and success lead to KAOS opening for Helix in 1986 across the island on the 'Long Way To Heaven' tour.

Cindy moved to London Ontario in 1987 and has continued to pursue her passion for music. Singing from pubs to stadiums, Cindy continues to perform from the heart as only a true musician can. Cindy also shows her showmanship while performing with 'Bat Out Of Hell', Canada’s ultimate tribute to “Meatloaf”.

Now as the first female to join Helix, Cindy is both excited and honored and looks forward to rocking the hell out of each & every one of you that comes to the show.

I believe success is measured by the size of your smile not your pocket book.
See you all at the show!!!

Cindy’s Do’s & Don’ts
Do: sushi & lobster
Don't: swim
Do: southern comfort
Don't: drink & drive
Do: sleep naked
Don't: sleep alone
Do: play guitar, percussion & sing
Don't: read sheet music
Do: shoes, boots, and purses
Don't: jewelry
Do: rock out
Don't: have tattoos (yet)