Helix was the first Canadian band in history to play in Portugal, Spain, and Sweden (even inside the Arctic Circle).

When we were in Sweden, a well-known Canadian journalist came over to do a story on us. After the tour was over, we were to fly out of Copenhagen, Denmark back home. In the middle of Copenhagen is a "free zone" called Christiana. It looks like old army barracks or something that was taken over by squatters. Anything goes in this part of town, and the cops rarely ever go in there. The army has even tried to route these people out, but to no avail. We all went down to check it out. Once you cross this certain street, you're suddenly in. There are signs everwhere that warn not to take pictures. The buildings have what I would call, "acid" drawings on the walls, there are stray dogs running around, smouldering camp fires, and after about 50 feet in a lean-to with a guy selling huge chucks of hashish. We ended up going to the strangest bar I've ever been in, it looked like the upstairs of a barn with wooden floors, dowel & pin beams, etc. We had been jetisoned back to the flower power 60's, hippie looking types with love beads and kids and dogs running around as people drank beer and smoked dope right at the tables. The band consisted of a gypsy girl on violin, a "percussionist", and a guitar player. They were playing a music that I had never heard before in my life.

When we finally got to the airport, our illustrious journalist had about 6 grams of hash on him that he couldn't smoke, so he ate it! The really funny thing about it all is that he ended up sitting right between two little old ladies for the entire flight!
Crossing the Arctic Circle into Northern Sweden (known as Lapland)
We had to stop to let herds of Elk cross the road. The only reason we ever put our lights on was to keep warm because we were in the "land of the midnight sun" where the sun never went down.
Performing Inside the Arctic Circle