1977 - On the Road

By the year 1977 we were playing constantly and seeing very little of home… We had spread out to play in the Canadian Maritimes, but hadn't really developed a following, except in Fredericton , New Brunswick , where they absolutely loved us. I remember one member of the audience saying to me, "You guys would be great if you only had a fiddle player!!!!" It was during our first Eastern Canadian Tour that we put our first original set on stage. In it were the songs, "You're a Woman Now", "Candy", " Sidewalk Sally", "Lights Out", and "Crazy (Small Town Blues)".

In the latter song, we developed a stage show built around our infamous beer-drinking contest. In it, we used to get people to drink their faces off and then we'd pick 2 people from the audience to get up on stage. THEN they had to chug-a-lug 2 beers without losing any, and that also included throwing up, which more than one contestant did!!! Ken Heague would freak out on us, because several times people vomited in the front monitors. The Ontario Liquor Board used to try to follow us around to try and prevent it from happening, but it drew the people, and in many clubs we held the booze record. We learned very early in our careers that the most musical sound to any bar owner was always the sound of the till…

We had started our own fan club as well. We had our own little newspaper called "The Heliograph" which kept us close to our fans. The buttons and T-shirts we sold between sets are still around today.

Some clubs played in Canada during 1977 were The Hilltop - Fredericton, N.B., The Coronet - Kitchener, Ontario, Lucky's - Sebringville, Ontario, The Caverly - Niagara Falls, Ontario, The Graham Bell - Brantford, Ontario, The Chaudiere - Hull, Quebec, The Watertower - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, The Hunt Club - Grimsby, Ontario and The Nickelodian - Toronto, Ontario.

Brian Vollmer, Keith Zurbrigg , Brian Doerner, Paul Hackman and Brent Doerner

Ken Heague - Sound/Lights, Brent Doerner - Guitar, Brian Vollmer - Lead Vocals, Keith "Bert" Zurbrigg - Bass, Jim Shaw - Roadie and Brian Doerner - Drums
This Picture was taken somewhere in Northern Ontario , Canada . As you can see, we were your typical Canadian "Hoseheads" eh!

On Stage at Ontario Place in Toronto

Brian Vollmer, Brent Doerner, Brian Doerner, Paul Hackman and Bert Zurbrigg