1987 - Wild in the Streets

This was year in which we would record and release the "Wild in the Streets" album, which would be another gold album for us in Canada , and spawn the videos for "Wild in the Streets" and "Dream On".

The album was recorded in England at the Manors Studios, which was owned by Richard Branson. Branson owned Virgin Records. In order to get Mike Stone to produce the album, Capitol had to give in to his request to record there. Mike Stone was one of the 10 top producers in the world at that time having produced most of the Journey and Queen albums. In all, he had produced over 500 albums in his career.

During our time there, Mike took us to his home in London where Barry Gibb previously lived. The gold and platinum albums went around his living room, up the stairs, and around his bedroom.

The Manor Studios were located outside of Kidlington, which was outside of Oxford. The first person ever to record there was Mike Olfield, and the album was "Tubular Bells". "Never mind the Bollocks" by the Sex Pistols was also recorded there.

The proper name for the Manor Studios was really "Shipton-on-Cherwell Manor". There were 38 rooms in the mansion and only one band - us! We had our own maid, butler, cook and gardener. Inside there was a weight room, dining room, sitting room, games room, and a huge kitchen where a 3 course meal was made every day by the in-house chef. If the appetizer that day was to be tomato soup, it would be from tomatoes picked from the garden that morning. As you entered the grounds from the main highway, there was a small lake which was illuminated at night by coloured flood lights. The Manor had its own go-cart track, an outdoor heated swimming pool covered by an enormous bubble, (so you could use it in the winter) and it's own ghost "The Grey Lady" whom some of the staff swore they had seen. We stayed there a little over a month and then headed back to London to finish the album at the Townhouse Studios, which was located in Sheppard's Bush. It was only a block from here I would find my future wife.

While we were working at the Townhouse, Freddy Mercury of Queen was across the hall recording an opera album with some oversized opera lady. They had to enlarge the washroom just for her! We never saw them, as they only came in late at night. We did however bump into Brian May of Queen a few times. Down the hall in the end studio Van Morrison was recording as well.

We had a blast in London. Each day we'd get on the "tube" and travel all over the city exploring clothes shops like Kensington Market or Portabello Road. We went to Richard Branson's jet-setting night club called the Roof Garden and on Good Friday we journeyed out into the country to have a barbecue at Bruce Dickenson's (lead vocalist of Iron Maiden). The last day the band was in England, in fact the morning as we were leaving for the airport, the East Indian restaurant underneath our apartment caught fire and we had to evacuate the place!

The record release party was on the corner of Sunset and Vine in Hollywood in the parking lot of Capitol Records, or "The Tower", as they called it.

In Canada we toured with Haywire and in the States we played showcase clubs with the odd back-up date with major acts, but it was obvious to us once again that music was changing and leaving us behind.

It was at the end of touring for this album that Brent (The Doctor) Doerner decided to leave the band. I remember him telling us at our office and tears coming to my eyes. We had been together for many years, but I couldn't blame him for wanting to leave. We had sacrificed everything, and here we were, our youth exhausted, with nothing to show monetarily for all the hard years of work.

Brent stayed long enough to help us on the next album, "Back for Another Taste", and made a brief appearance on the "Business Doing Pleasure" album, but for all intents and purposes, these were his final days with the band and he wanted out.

Wild in the Streets Tour
Shipton-On-Cherwell Manor
a.k.a. Manor Studios
Fritz at Big Ben - London, England
Mike Stone & Paul in the Studio
Brian Waits for the London Tube