December 10, 2014

What a year it's been! As most of you know, this was the 40th year for Helix, having begun this amazing journey in 1974. As well, this year also saw the release of the band's 13th full length studio CD "Bastard of the Blues" to rave reviews the world over. Eddie Trunk gave it exposure on Sirius Radio, Ron Keel pushed the shit out of it on his Vegas radio show, and even Dee Snider put the video up on his web site. Thanks to all of them. We also got tremendous write-ups in European mags, most especially CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE, which rated the new disc 8 our of 10. This particular mag is the "bible" for this kind of music, so this was a very important endorsement.

This was also a great year for touring for the band. For the first time since we played The Mohegan Sun several years ago, we played in the U.S. for RIBFEST in Sioux Falls, S. Dakota with fellow Canadians Loverboy, April Wine, and Honeymoon Suite. This concert broke all attendance records for RIBFEST with over 10,000 people in attendance. It turned out to be a beautiful night and our promoter Chuck Brennan treated us like kings. Truly a gentleman and all around great guy. Then in May we journeyed to Spain for three dates in Barcelona, Pamplona, and Madrid for promoter Robert Mills, an old friend of Lynda's. The weather was great and the country beautiful. Everyone had the time of their lives and made memories we'll never forget. Upon returning home to Canada we played several dates out west with several of our Canadian peers-Toronto, Lee Aaron, The Headpins, and Platinum Blonde before once again heading back to Europe in October-this time with the band HUMBUCKER-for dates in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. This tour turned out to be three weeks we won't soon forget with friendships made to last a lifetime!

What's up for 2015? The game plan is to continue to work "Bastard of the Blues" by releasing more singles and videos. Kaleb has been helping me work the Helix catalogue through TUNECORE. One of the most recent moves we've made is to give Tunecore the power to collect monies for us from Youtube for any videos we have on that channel. It was John Lennon who once said, "Either you grow with music or music outgrows you." For us this means staying on top of technology to sell our CDs, videos, merchandise and to constantly stay in touch with our fans and whomever wants to hire us via the internet, Facebook, or any other digital company out there selling music. It's hard to do because the goalposts keep constantly moving, but we're still here so that must mean something.

From here until January 1st we are offering a HUGE Christmas special: All of these CDs are only $4.99 plus shipping: A Heavy Mental Christmas, Smash Hits Unplugged, The Best of 1983-2012, and Vagabond Bones. Normally all these CDs are $15.