The 2010+

Brian Vollmer/lead vocals

Daryl Gray/bass & keyboard programming

Greg “Fritz” Hinz: drums

Kaleb Duck: guitar

Brent Doerner decided to retire in 2011 and was replaced by John Klaus

John Klaus left the band in 2014 and replaced by Christopher Julke

“Smash Hits Unplugged” was the brain child of Sean Kelly, who opined that he thought it was well past time the band put out an acoustic version of their hits. This would be the follow-up to Vagabond Bones. The CD was licensed in Canada by E.M.I. In the U.S. and Europe Perris Records was the distributor.

Around 2011 Brent gave his notice that he was leaving for the final time. He had initially promised Vollmer he would stay for 1 year and ended up staying for 3, so Vollmer was happy. He continued his association with the band by taking over responsibility for making their videos and remained good friends with all the members. His replacement initially was John Klaus, who only was with the band for about two years.  John was then replaced with Cambridge native Chris Julke. Julke would join the band in the middle of the recording of the band’s 14th full length studio CD “Bastard of the Blues” and his first gig would be in Madrid, Spain. Talk about a birth of fire!

This decade so far has seen as uptick in the band’s popularity once again. The line-up of Daryl Gray, Greg “Fritz” Hinz, Brian Vollmer, Chris Julke, and Kaleb Duck is the most solid one since the classic 80’s line-up. By 2016 the band had jumped up to only playing casinos and festivals with a summer full of dates that took them from coast to coast in Canada and saw them play with everyone from Vince Neil to The Cult. In June, 2016 they released the single/video for the song (Gene Simmons Says) Rock Is Dead. They are presently working on new material, revamping the old web site, and booking shows for 2017 in both Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Hold on to your hats and stay tuned! We ain’t dead yet…